Sunday, 31 March 2013

Spinach,Turmeric and Beetroot Loaf - Bread Challenge No 9

So I'm really moving forward with the bread challenge now and everyone is as interested and excited as I am with every new handmade loaf being produced in the kitchen. Isnt it nice to be able to say "I had fun at work today"!!!
So following production of the beetroot loaf yesterday Toby had a brainwave and suggested I try making 3 different coloured doughs and combining them together to make a tri-coloured and flavoured dough. So with his help I gave it a go, and this is what happened!!!
Spinach,Turmeric and Beetroot loaf

How cool is that!! The top layer is spinach, the center turmeric and the bottom beetroot, though I have to admit when eating the bread there is no strong particular flavour but the image is fantastic!
We are now considering other colours but for now I'll talk you through how we made this one.
 We needed to make 3 individual doughs, so I got my basic bread recipe and divided the quantity of ingredients by 3. I got 3 bowls and into each put 170g strong white bread flour,1 tsp sugar,1/2 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp yeast. Then I rubbed in 10g butter into each mix.
1 egg and 1 egg yolk were beaten and as best I could split between the 3 bowls. Next we made up the coloured liquids. Toby pureed 1 cooked beetroot and added luke warm water to make 70ml of liquid. Turmeric was added to another 70ml lukewarm water and pureed handful of cooked spinach added to another 70ml.
Each liquid was put in each bowl and mixed to form 3 coloured doughs. Each was kneaded until a soft, pliable dough was formed then left in a covered bowl in a warm place to prove.
An hour later when they had all risen we punched down on each dough to release the gas then flattened out each one.

In a large loaf tin we lay the doughs one on top of each other and left to rise whilst we went for our lunchbreak.
You have never seen 2 more excited and giggly chefs as we put our invention in the oven to cook for 20 minutes. Our laughing continued when we removed the loaf from the tin and it looked all higgle-de piggle-de (what a saying!!)

But then we cut a slice and patted each other on the back as it looked brilliant. The colours worked so well and came out great, I'm sure you would agree!
Spinach,Turmeric and Beetroot Loaf
We are now working on other colours and ideas for interesting looking breads! Watch this space!

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