Thursday, 17 May 2012


MRS DARLINGTONS  Jams, Marmalades and Chutneys sell rather well here at Skylark.
It all started for The Darlingtons in 1981when a surplus of eggs from their farm were used, to save waste, to make some lemon curd with the intention of seeing if they would sell to local villagers.
They did sell, and further requests poured in for possible other jams and chutneys.
Sales increased and by 1985 farm buildings were converted into a new kitchen with local village ladies drafted in to help with production. Another move to bigger premises came in 1992 with the addition of mustards,table sauces, pickles and now a new range of cooking sauces.

For todays Special's Board in the farmhouse cafe i have used Mrs Darlingtons Red Onion Marmalade.
First i browned off some sausages in butter in a large pan. I made half a pint of chicken stock and topped up to a pint with red wine and added to the pan with a whole jar of the red onion marmalade.
I brought it all to the boil, stirring well and left to simmer and reduce for about 20 minutes.
While the sausages were cooking i chopped an onion and sweated it off in a pan then added it to mashed potaoes, carrots and cabbage left over from Sundays roast dinner. A little mixed herbs,salt and pepper were also added for seasoning then i cooked in batches on the griddle til browned.
And here is the finished result and mighty tasty it was too!!

sausages served on bubble and squeak with red onion marmalade sauce
If you want to find out more about Mrs Darlington or the companys products take a look at their website here .

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