Sunday, 6 May 2012


CHIPOLATASthe small thin sausages usually associated as an accompaniment to the turkey at christmas, wrapped with streaky bacon.
This weeks task at Skylark was to free up the freezer so a recipe was needed for a large supply of chipolatas.
It was my day off on Tuesday so it was up to my 2 staff to come up with something different for the specials board.
GOOGLE, as usual threw up lots of suggestions for recipes and they decided on this one for "Cheese, Chutney & Chipolata Pinwheels"

3 chipolatas were used per portion and twirled round into a pinwheel and secured in place with a cocktail stick then baked in the oven.
Big, thick slices of farmhouse loaf were toasted on our griddle and, just before the chipolatas were taken from the oven some cheese was piled on top to melt over the pinwheel.
Selected, as an accompaniment, was Mrs Darlington's Autumn Fruit Chutney (which can be found to purchase in the Skylark Farm Shop).

 The toasted bread was put on the plate, topped with the chipolata and melted cheese and a good serving of chutney. Finished off with some diced, fried potatoes and salad this special was a big hit with all our customers this week.

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