Sunday, 27 May 2012


Oranges And Lemons  say the bells of St Clements.

Did you know this is a line from an old English nursery rhyme and singing game which refers to the bells of several churches, all within or close to the city of London? To see the full version of the rhyme take a look at Wikipedia
To me it refers to what i did with a box of fruit i was given today from the farm shop which was not good enough to be displayed on the shelf any more!
Oranges and Lemons

It was a very, very hot day and i remembered a recipe i had used once before to make old fashioned traditional lemonade and thought it would work just as well combining oranges and lemons to make a very refreshing St Clements drink.

1 Cup Water
1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Freshly Squeezed Orange And Lemon Juice
3-4 Cups Cold Water

Put 1 cup of water with the sugar in a pan and boil until all the sugar is dissolved and a syrup is formed. Add the juice and carry on boiling for a few minutes. Take the pan off the stove and add 3-4 cups of cold water, depending on how strong a flavour you prefer. Refridgerate until cold. Add lots of ice when serving for a very tasty refreshing fruit drink. Perfect for the extremely hot weather we are experiencing at the moment!

Skylark Homemade Orange And Lemon "St Clements" Drink
I obviously made this in a much larger quantity for the cafe. All in all we have sold 8 jugs of juice this weekend and lots of people have commented on how tasty it was, so go on give it a go!

This week i'm entering this post in Handmade Monday which can be found at Handmade Harbour and is organised by Wendy of 1st Unique Gifts in the hope that a few of you may be tempted to give the recipe a try.
I'm off there now to see what has been happening in the world of handmade this week.


  1. Reminds me of the old fashioned lemonade and now think I will have to source some oranges and lemons as with this heat can understand it selling well, just delicious

  2. Very reminiscient of whenI was growing up - a lovely recipe and a great reminder. Many thanks. Hope you have a good week.

  3. Looks lovely - could have done with it earlier today. Will definately give this a try :)

  4. Oh I would have killed for a jug of this delivered to my craft stall today! I'm not surprised it's selling well in this weather x

  5. Ooh that looks delicious and I will definitely give it a whirl.

  6. Just what the doctor ordered for this hot weather - delicious!

  7. mmmm, it sounds delicious, bet it tastes delish too.
    We used to sing that song when playing skipping or ball games.

    Jan x

  8. Oohhhh I might just give this a try, just hope the good weather lasts! :-) x

  9. That looks so thirst quenching and a lovely colour, who needs lots of colour and preservatives! Not suprised you sold a lot.

  10. Sounds very refreshing- I'm thirsty!

  11. Looks just like summer in a glass! I'm going to try your recipe right after a trip to the local greengrocers!

  12. This sounds a reallly simple recipe to make and lout right for the hot weather. Hugs mrs .a.