Tuesday, 15 May 2012


12TH-19TH May is British Sandwich Week.

So the story goes that John Montague, the Fourth Earl Of Sandwich, was such an enthusiastic gambler that he didn't like leaving the gambling table whilst playing. So, instead of breaking for dinner, he asked that someone bring him some meat between a couple of slices of bread. Later on, others would do the same saying something like "I'll have what Sandwich is having" and, eventually, people would just ask for a "Sandwich"

Nowadays the humble sandwich has become big business in the catering industry and fillings and bread types have become far more  adventurous than in the days of The Fourth Earl Of Sandwich!!

Today, at Skylark, our sandwich of the day was Steak, Mushroom & Melted Cheese on Toasted Farmhouse Bloomer Bread.
 Served with salad and homemade coleslaw it went down a storm.

Steak,Mushroom and Melted Cheese Toasted Sandwich.
So what's your favourite filling??

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