Friday, 26 April 2013

Smoked Salmon, Caramelised Red Onion and Cream Cheese Starter

The Old Red Lion in Litchborough is due to play host for it's 2nd wedding later this year and is, at present, discussing menu options with the bride and groom.
 The couple have already been for Sunday lunch to see what our roasts are like and last weekend viewed our marquee, which had been erected outside for a christening. Tomorrow they have arranged to sample some starters and desserts that will be on offer for their big day. In preparation for this I was asked to put together some starter ideas featuring smoked salmon.
 On Wednesday I put together 3 options with this one below being my favourite by far.

First I made a shortcrust pastry tart case.
The pastry was rolled and placed in a fluted tart tin, onto which I put baking beans, to weigh it down, whilst cooking. This is known as 'Blind Baking'.
Baking Blind
Once the pastry is cooked the beans can be removed and the pastry case left to cool.
Baked tart case
Whilst the pastry cooked I chopped some red onion and placed in a saucepan with brown sugar, balsamic vinegar and a drizzle of honey and cooked til the liquid has reduced down and a caramelised mixture had formed.
Making the caramelised  red onion
Leaving that to cool I piped some cream cheese, mixed with some paprika, around the inside edge of the cooled tart case.
Piping the cream cheese
When my caramelised red onion had cooled I spooned it into the center of my tart case.
Place the red onion chutney in the center
I got a long strip of smoked salmon and rolled it round to look like a rose and positioned on top of the red onion mix.
Smoked salmon,red onion and cream cheese starter
Simple, but very effective, I served on a square plate with some lemon.
Smoked salmon,red onion and cream cheese starter

The combination of flavours and textures tasted lovely.
It will be interesting to find out how well it will be received tomorrow at the tasting.

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