Sunday, 10 February 2013


I suppose it was a rather arrogant and naive move handing in my notice at the farm before finding another job to go to, but at the time I thought I would just find something straight away. I had enough money to get me through the first month so I wasnt too worried.
I soon found out though that the task at hand was not going to be an easy one! Being fussy was initially my main problem. As much as there seemed to be several "branded" pub kitchen jobs I had no intention to do "that" kind of cooking. Processed and microwaved food really isn't my thing!
I had a very positive interview as a cafe manager with a recruitment company but when I had a 2nd interview with the owner I changed my mind about working there.
Then I was very excited to have an interview with a vegetarian restaurant in Rugby. I showed as much enthusiasum as I could at the interview but unfortunately didnt have enough experience  for the role. (Between you and me my initial impression of the owners wasn't a very good one anyway!)
As January marched on a sense of panic grew in me that a job wasnt going to come along. Several companies I applied to didnt even respond back and the "branded" pubs looked like my only option.
Then on January 31st a miracle happened. I casually applied for a job as a chef in a pub. My phone rang the same day with an invitation to go for an interview. During the interview I found out that the owners not only had the pub but were part of a family farming business, and had a farm shop. It felt like fate. I had found a job doing exactly the kind of food I like making.
And so on Monday 4th February I began working at The Old Red Lion in Litchborough with a very friendly group of staff and owners.
Here begins the next stage of my life!

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