Sunday, 15 April 2012

Cappuccino Coffee

I am not a coffee drinker but i was really interested this week to observe the coffee making process at Skylark Farm. Most cafes just have a regular filter coffee machine on the counter and pour coffee as and when needed. Here at Skylark, each cup of illy coffee served is individually prepared to order making it the freshest coffee in town!

illy coffees, founded in in 1933 by Francesco Illy, are blended from arabica beans from multiple sources. The grounds are packaged in steel canisters and pressurized with an inert gas rather than air.

A Cappuccino is an approximately 150 ml (5 oz) beverage, starting with equal parts espresso and milk, each 30 ml (1 oz). The foaming action creates the additional volume.

So how do we make it?
First dispose of old/used coffee.

Clean out any residue left with a brush.

Pull lever to release required amount of freshly ground coffee.

Press down on the ground coffee firmly in the handle so it filters through slowly, creating the illy flavour. The slower it filters through the stronger the flavour.

Insert your "handle" into the machine and press the correct button for large or regular coffee.

Shake your chocolate canister over the shot of coffee.

Heat the milk until doubled in size, creamy and silky.

Bang the milk on the side to remove the bigger bubbles, producing a smoother milk.

Pour milk on quickly.

And enjoy with maybe a slice of Rocky Road from the cake counter!

You can find out more information on illy coffee and the company's products on their website HERE.

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