Saturday, 18 August 2012


I think we all seek approval at some point in our lives whether it be from our parents as we grow up, from our peers, a partner and even in the workplace.
For people that take a big chance on sinking all their money and life savings into a new venture, like a business, approval is paramount. Public reviews can make or break a business and in this age of internet it seems reviews are becoming increasingly popular. Ebay and Amazon, just 2 examples of public services that always ask you to rate your buying experience.
 Skylark Farm and The Farmhouse Cafe, at present, seems to be quite often under review on Trip Advisor.
I think the hardest thing about reviews is that what one person may really like another may really hate so how do you decide what to believe and what not to?
So far we have attained an 80% recommendation rate which is good though obviously 100% would be better! But i would like to share with you the review published today which, to me, seems to be someone with a nasty grudge rather than constructive criticism.

"This cafe is in an idyllic setting, overlooking rolling hills with chickens roaming free. Absolutely beautiful. This is where the dream ends...
The cafe, with it's stupid scrumptidious menus ( I hate the misuse of the English language in such a banal way) has sticky tables that need a good wipe as well as others that simply needed the dirty plates clearing away. My two friends an I had cream teas that consisted of stale, crumbly scones with whipped cream rather than clotted ( or even double) with a large pot of stewed tea served in dirty cups ( with lipstick on, yuck!!). We daren't complain as the lady in charge ( we think she was the owner, very large brown haired woman) was so harassed that she served us in a most aggressive manner. We felt very unwelcome and we were so looking forward to a quiet afternoon off work to forget our troubles that she completly spoilt it for us. The man who took our money at the till was, however, her polar opposite. We all agreed that we'd never return "

For me there was no need to describe the person you thought was the owner as " very large" and if the wording on the menu is not to your liking, then so what, you dont eat the wording!! Ignorance on what they were eating made me chuckle as they did indeed have clotted cream so they obviously arent the food connoisseur they believe themselves to be. Personally i am glad they have made the decision not to return but how demonstrative to this business, which is still in it's infancy, could the review possibly be?
On that note i would like to leave you with a better review and i chose this one mainly because of the title, "Oh what wonderful pies!!!!" (Like i said, we all like some approval!)

"I have been to the Skylark Restaurant and Farm Shop on more than one occasion - alone, as one half of a couple and with varying members of my Family too! The venue is lovely - simply furnished with good, wholesome freshly prepared food on offer all served by Friendly Folk. The menu does state that as the food is freshly prepared it can take a little time - especially when it's busy - to prepare - it isn't a fast food joint and doesn't pretend to be!!!!!!! But it's well worth a little wait and you can relax and enjoy the stunning views over rolling countryside till food arrives. The pies are 'proper' pies - packed with filing and all cooked encased in a light crisp pastry! The coffee is great too! All the food has been consistently good over the year I have been visiting and I really believe it's great value for money - I've been to far too many other places where similar or even higher prices are charged for Pre-packed, mass produced mush pretending to be good food! For 2 x2 courses and drink we average £30 and every time I go I 'm reminded why I may never set foot in a McDonalds or it's like again! "

Many thanks for popping by and taking time to read this post. Please feel free to comment at the end of it and just take time to think next time you review a product, or a service, of the consequences and effects your words have on the people you are reviewing.

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