Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Farmhouse Cafe, An Update

Well it's been 4 months since i have recorded in my blog. So disappointing not to have recorded the whole journey i have been through but definately back on track now.
This has been by far the hardest job i have ever undertaken in my life but it now feels like i am starting to get in some kind of routine and things seem to be getting slightly more organised!
So many hours worked, so many tears have been shed, so many frustrations, and sooooo much tiredness but i am still here and now have the mentality now of onwards and upwards and to achieve so much more than we have already.
So we finally opened the first weekend in December.
Our cafe went from this ...... To This!!!

Then, we seated 54 and have since added more tables and now seat 73! At one point in half term last week we had 75 people enter the cafe in the space of an hour!! Boy that was hard work!

We started with 3 chefs in the kitchen. One lady left after 4 days as she couldnt cope and the other lady walked out on New Years Eve with a "clash of personality" as her reason! I worked solo for a week or so in the new year until we managed to find 2 more staff to work with me. We found 2 brilliant workers and we have now formed a great little team to go forward together as the business grows!

Work is now in progress outside so that we can have tables outside in the summer and a kids play area. Solar panels are also being installed tomorrow.

We open 9-5 seven days a week and 4 weeks ago started doing sunday lunches, which are starting to really take off.

And there you go, a quick update of how things have progressed and a promise to get the blog back on track with lots of new recipes and top tips that i've learnt over the past 4 months.

Thanks for stopping by.

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