Monday, 9 May 2016

Mexican Supper Club at The Nook

Little bit late posting but March's supper club at The Nook held a Mexican theme this time.
So many customers wanted to take part that we decided to host 2 evenings this time!

Sarah, as always, in charge of decorations, went with festival colours for the napkins and table runners. I think it looks really colourful.

I can't decide whether I prefer the back room....... 

Or the front room.
What's your favourite?

Sticking with the same colour Kate produced a vibrantly coloured menu design. 
So for starters we had......
Ceviche With Shrimp.
Crushed avocado base topped with a shrimp, tomato, onion and coriander mix.  
This was definitely a best seller on both nights. 

Beef Empanada filled with a fragrant beef mix and served with soured cream.

Spring Taco With Mushrooms & Tomato Salsa.
This was our vegetarian choice and very tasty indeed.

And for the Mains........
No Mexican evening would be right without a good chilli, and we definitely produced a great chilli!
Chunky beef shin chilli served with avocado, sweet potato, homemade tortilla, sour cream and salsa.
I love the presentation of this dish, definitely one of my favourites.
We also offered a vegetable chilli option.
Our other vegetarian  dish was a roasted butternut squash filled with a Tex Mex rice mix. Lots of herbs and flavours and mixed corn and beans made this a really tasty meal.

For a slightly different fish dish....
Tuna Steak with Red Pepper & Pineapple Salsa served on a bed of Coriander Lime Rice. 

And for Dessert.......
Chocolate and Chilli Cheesecake.
A gorgeous creamy dessert with a warm chilli glow.

Cherry & Almond Chimichangas.
A tortilla filled with cherries and syrup then rolled and panfried in LOTS of butter and topped with more cherries and almonds.

Yet another successful evening or should I say 2 evenings!!!!
I'll be back with April's Greek Night very soon!
Thanks for popping by. 
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