Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Perfect Poached Eggs

I have never quite mastered the art of poached eggs and for the past 4 months on the farm have pulled my hair out quite often when an order has come on with the dreaded words "poached egg on toast"

It isnt just me either, both of the chefs that work with me pull their hair out too!

To help out, Sam bought a plastic device from Lakeland to cook the eggs in a microwave but, altho they cooked fine, personally i found it a bit of a pain keep checking the microwave and also that they looked quite "plastic".

So i googled results for perfect poached eggs and hey presto i found the solution!

To a pan of water i add a small amount of vinegar. Not masses else your eggs can have a sour taste.

Bring the water to just before boiling point. I crack each egg into a cup first then slide it into the water. Turn off your heat and add a lid to the saucepan, then set your timer for 4 minutes.

Remove the lid and serve - nothing could be easier!
And there you have it,

Skylark Farm's Perfect Poached Eggs!

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